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Your Workplace Related

Safety concerns you have in your workplace or incidents happened in the past that you resolve to solve.

Adult CPR(Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)     ​
​Using of mask-adult during CPR
How to deal with common injury emergencies   

Stop bleeding
Stop bleeding (bleeding you can see)       
Broken bones and sprains    
How to deal with common medical emergencies 

Bad allergic reactions
Chest pain
First aid introduction 

Victim and rescuer safety
Phone for help
Finding the problem
Useful and Practical First Aid Skills you can choose:

We would love to hear what first aid knowledge works best for your company/ organization, and what specific requirements you might have based on your workplace situation. 

In addition, we also offer you company first aid plan consulting service. 

Shoot us an email or simply pick up the phone to inquire!