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  • Would you know if, and when, your business requires additional first aid training?
  • Do some of your activities increase first aid risk to employees, visitors and customers?
  • How do you cover first aid beyond standard business hours?

Your business activities

  • Does your workplace run first aid drills?
  • Do you need assistance to assess your first aid drills and procedures?
  • Are your workplace first aid procedures visible and accessible to staff?

Drills, and first aid procedures

  • Does your workplace have visible first aid kits and signage?
  • How often is your first aid equipment checked so that it's ready for a first aid emergency?
  • Does your workplace require a first aid room and/or equipment? 

Accessible, visible first aid equipment

  • When your first aiders are away from the workplace - sick, at lunch or on leave, how do you currently cover them?
  • Do all first aiders in your workplace have current first aid qualifications and up-to-date skills obtained in the last 12 months?
  • Does everyone know who the first aiders are in your workplace?

Enough Trained First Aider

  • When did your workplace last undertake a first aid assessment?
  • Is your organisation a high or low risk workplace?
  • Do you have workplaces that are remote or where access to emergency services is limited?

First Aid Assessment


​Did you know that 87% of businesses are not first aid ready?

An unprepared workplace is a risk to your business. Follow the five steps below to avoid the risk and make sure your business is prepared with the right first aid training, equipment, processes and procedures.